Replens Versus Dienoestrol Cream in the Symptomatic Treatment of Vaginal Atrophy in Postmenopausal Women.

(1996) Maturitas. Apr;23(3):259-63. Bygdeman M1, Swahn ML.

This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of Replens, a non-hormonal moisturizing vaginal gel, on symptoms of vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women, in comparison with Dienoestrol (Cilag), an estrogenic vaginal cream. Thirty-nine patients were randomly allocated to either of the two treatments. Replens was given three times a week during the 12 weeks of the study, which Dienoestrol was administered daily during the first two weeks and thereafter three times a week. Vaginal dryness index, itching, irritation, dyspareunia, pH and safety were evaluated every week the first month and every month thereafter. Both treatments had a significant increase on vaginal dryness index as soon as the first week of treatment, and the hormonal compound was significantly better than the non-hormonal one. All symptoms as itching, irritation, dyspareunia significantly decreased or disappeared without any difference between the two treatments. For pH, no significant difference was seen either in each group or between the two groups. No adverse events related with the two drugs were related. This study shows that Replens applied vaginally three times a week, is a full therapy for all symptoms of vaginal atrophy as well as local estrogen. No serious adverse event was related. Replens is an alternative treatment to local estrogen and perhaps a good complement of systemic HRT in patient suffering from vaginal dryness.