Explore a range of solutions that are clinically shown to provide relief for patients who suffer from vaginal odor and discomfort, or need help to balance bacteria and/or vaginal pH or provide lubrication.

Clinically Shown to Maintain a Healthy Vaginal pH

Recommend RepHresh™ Vaginal Gel for optimal patient hygiene and a healthy vagina.

Vaginal Gels

Feminine solutions to maintain healthy vaginal pH.

RepHresh™ Vaginal Gel RepHresh™ Clean Balance™ Kit

Moisturizers / Lubricants

Doctor-recommended solutions to help relieve vaginal dryness and replenish vaginal moisture.

Replens™ Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer Replens™ Silky Smooth Personal Lubricant


A feminine supplement taken daily to balance vaginal yeast and bacteria.*

RepHresh™ Pro-B™ Feminine Probiotic Supplement


Vaginal cleansing with gentle, effective douching and healthy conditioning that works with your patient's body.

RepHresh™ Soothing Wash RepHresh™ Active Fresh Wash