Sperm Toxicity of ‘Nonspermicidal’ Lubricant and Ultrasound Gels Used in Reproductive Medicine.

Fertility & Sterility. 2011;95:835-836

This study reported that “Sperm toxicity was observed as shown by significant declines in motility over the 24-hr assay following incubation with Aquasonic, Felis and Replens at higher gel concentrations. Although Replens, even at only 0.83% v/v resulted in sperm toxicity. Pre-Seed alone was not toxic to sperm at any concentration, including the highest (8.3%). Three of the “nonspermicidal” gels were toxic to sperm, including Aquasonic Gel which is widely used for transvaginal ultrasound during ovulation. Pre-Seed alone did not cause sperm toxicity at any time or concentration. It is appropriate for use by patients trying to conceive or clinicians during fertility procedures, including facilitating vaginal insertion of ultrasound probes.”