Prevalence of Vaginal Dryness in Trying-to-Conceive Couples.

Pacific Coast Reproductive Society, April 2003

This study reported that while trying to conceive “vaginal dryness negatively affected sexual intimacy for most couples: 11% always, 35% often, 42% sometimes, 9% rarely, 3% never. Vaginal dryness episodes also increased while TTC: 19% a lot, 57% some, 23% not at all. Although 30% knew not to use a lubricant while TTC, another 26% often or always used such products. Use by this later group included mostly that of KY® (40%) and Astroglide® (19%).

Only 20% of couples had ever discussed their dryness problem with a doctor. Of those that had, 75% of the doctors reiterated the sperm-toxic effects of lubricants. Rates of vaginal dryness in TTC couples appears to be as much as twice that seen in the general population.